• Hire the best candidates who will enhance your culture and optimize your team...
  • Know and develop your existing team members' unique strengths...
  • Embrace the tools that will help you work together to achieve your vision...

Just about every business has had the unfortunate experience of hiring a new employee based upon some combination of...

  • A great resume
  • Glowing recommendations
  • Positive interviews
  • Advanced skill sets

Too often, though, they discover that the new hire performs poorly or just doesn’t fit in with the existing team—the new “whole” was actually LESS than the sum of its parts.

For many businesses, that experience has led to not just the extraordinary loss of time and money spent on hiring and training, but has also these destructive side effects:

  • Reduced team productivity
  • Loss of confidence in leadership
  • Frustration and negative stress
  • Damaged team culture
  • Lost opportunities for growth and development
  • Diminished team morale

It would be difficult to put a price on the total damage caused by a poor hire, but it’s certainly in the tens of thousands of dollars. And yet, for want of a better solution, many business owners continue to repeat the same costly cycle: they either experience excessive turnover or they settle for subpar outcomes that damage their culture and productivity.


Most employers can successfully determine if someone has the right technical skills—that's the simple part. The real secret to successful hiring lies in the hidden human qualities that often go unnoticed.

Rather than relying on trust, luck, or intuition, wouldn't it be nice to have a nearly foolproof hiring resource—a resource that provided the information you need to ensure that you are attracting the right people and choosing the ones that will work best with your existing team?

Such a system would require that you uncover more about the unique—sometimes hidden—strengths and weaknesses of your team and your prospective hires than a resume could possibly contain.


With that information in your hands, you would have a distinct advantage because you would be able to see not just who someone WANTS you to see, but who they REALLY ARE.

And once you find the best candidate using this information, you would be able to personalize their onboarding and team integration processes for optimal results. That would be a game-changer and, quite possibly, the difference between mediocrity and prosperity.


Yes, there actually is a solution to the frustrating challenge of attracting and hiring the best possible candidates, and we call it:

The Mindfluence Core-Four
Assessment Solution

for Identifying Key Strengths

This package includes the “Core-Four” Mindfluence proprietary assessments that measure key strengths:

Inspiration Sources:

What inspires them at the deepest levels? Does it fit with your current team culture? (more info)

Action Approaches:

How do they approach their tasks and their interactions with others? (more info)

Emotional Agility:

How well do they understand and utilize emotions (their own and others) to produce better results? (more info)

Cognitive Styles:

How do they process information, deal with problems, and implement ideas? (more info)

With the benefit of decades of research and study, these four assessments have been designed to provide unique insights into the human psyche that you will find essential in hiring and team development.

Each of these assessments takes about 15 minutes to complete and includes a personalized report with multiple scores that indicate strengths and styles in each area. This hour of power is a great filter for prospective hires and provides you with everything you need to know beyond the interview and resume.

“I wouldn’t consider hiring anyone without this
information. I wish I had it from the very
beginning—it would have saved me a fortune.”

- Dr. Josh Wilson

These Core-Four assessment insights will give you a true multi-dimensional picture of job candidates. The strengths and style information in these reports is the missing ingredient that will ensure that you find the best match for the role and for your existing team.

Everyone wants to be valued, recognized, and appreciated for who they are—their unique strengths, contributions, and possibilities. These assessments will bring their special qualities to light and allow them to shine!


Hiring is not something you can do in isolation. How will you know if someone is a good fit if you don’t have the same information for your existing leaders and team members?

It’s essential to hire both for the role AND for the fit with the team. The Core-Four assessments are vital to understanding the current human beings who make the magic happen in your workplace every day, so you'll want to start with a Core-Four for everyone on your team.

Once you have the Core-Four profile of your leaders and team members, you can provide them with personalized, strengths-based training and development (see "Bonuses" below) to ensure that your new hires are entering an optimally productive and fulfilling work environment.


This Mindfluence Core-Four Hiring and Key Strengths Assessment package, including personalized PDF reports (sent to you and the assessment-taker) is:

$147 each for 1 to 3 people

$117 each for 5 to 19 people (25% off) + BONUSES

$97 each for 20+ people (35% off) + BONUSES (That’s as little as $24.25 per assessment!)


  • Each package at this low price contains all four assessments that address the four unique dimensions of human insight.
  • When purchasing multiple packages, you will have access to the assessments forever (through a simple online dashboard) so they will be available to you for future hiring opportunities.
  • By purchasing a bundle of packages, you can take advantage of the reduced pricing now and have assessments ready whenever you need them.
  • Purchasing a group of five or more assessment packages includes all the bonuses below.


Special Limited-Time Bonuses
with purchase of 5 or more
sets of assessments:


For each set of five assessment packages purchased, you will receive a 45-minute video call with assessment creator and expert Dr. Matthew Norton to discuss the report insights and their strategic application to your business. These calls can be with owners, leaders, or teams and can focus on hiring, team engagement and challenges, or skills-based leader and team development.


A series of special group workshop exercises for team members to further explore and implement their report insights, with action steps for teams to engage to improve their understanding, communication, and collaboration with each other.


A custom chart merging the report scores of the team members or applicants for all four assessments so that you can easily compare and contrast the unique strengths of each person and see the collective strengths of the group. This is extremely valuable for hiring decisions, optimizing team member roles and contributions, and for team development.


A six-week strengths-based training course (“Work Within Your Strengths”) to help leaders and team members grow personally and collectively to become a workplace to be envied—one that is fully engaged, productive, fulfilled, and profitable.


A team-culture-based training course for all those involved in hiring. Titled “Lead With Your Culture, Not With Your Offer,” this two-hour course provides unique perspectives and game-changing strategies for attracting and connecting with your ideal candidates.

Why are These Strengths-Based
Assessments so Necessary?

Gallup, the international polling and advisory company, concluded a worldwide study that showed that “engaged team members are the fuel of the organization.” Improving your hiring and leader/team development using these powerful strengths-clarifying assessment tools leads to greater team engagement and yields the following business outcomes (among many others):

  • 59% lower turnover
  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 40% fewer technical errors
  • 28% less employee theft
  • 29% higher profitability
  • 17% higher productivity

More Fascinating Information
from the Gallup Survey

  • 70% of the variance in workgroup engagement can be attributed to the manager. Leaders need training help to sharpen their talents and help their teams.
  • Only 15% of employees are engaged at their work.
  • Employees who are able to use their strengths each day are more productive, far less likely to quit, and are six times more likely to be engaged.
  • Coupling a strengths-based approach with a simple customer-acquisition strategy leads to 40% higher sales growth.
  • Emotional Agility has been found to be THE STRONGEST PREDICTOR of performance compared to 33 other workplace skills (Source: TalentSmart). Emotional Agility explained a full 58% of success in all types of jobs. The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report lists it as the most important skill for the 21st century workforce.


The Mindfluence Core-Four Assessment Package for Identifying Key Strengths is a valuable and necessary tool for companies large and small. Order at least 5 today to qualify for all the bonuses as well as the discounted pricing.

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